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Women in Exploration's mission is to promote the positive impacts that women have made in scientific exploration, field research, cultural learning, sustainability, and animal welfare.

Spotlight on Discovery.

Our next goal is to spotlight some of today's trailblazing women in exploration through an interview series. In discussing their work and visions for the future we hope to their stories will serve as a catalyst for the next generation. We aim to showcase diverse paths in exploration and offer a platform for these incredible women to share their impactful work. With this content we hope to educate, motivate, and pave the way for aspiring young and old explorers alike.

Explorers in Focus.

Women in Exploration would like to have a video contest that celebrates women in exploration! The goal is to have students from elementary to grad school be invited to create short videos (1-3 minutes) about a woman explorer. They will choose from three categories: 'Someone I Know', 'Someone I Want to Know', or 'Someone in History'. This contest aims to foster creativity and research skills, while honoring the remarkable achievements of women explorers. Each age group—Elementary, Middle, High School, College, and Grad School—will have the chance to showcase their talents and learn about inspiring figures in exploration.

A Little bit of History.

Our ongoing initiative, A Little bit of History, is dedicated to expanding and enriching our collection of biographies about historical women in exploration. By continuously uncovering and documenting the lives and achievements of these remarkable women, we aim to provide a comprehensive resource that celebrates their contributions to exploration and science. This project not only preserves their legacies but also serves as an educational tool to inspire and inform future generations of explorers. Join us in celebrating these trailblazers by discovering their stories and sharing their incredible journeys.